Ready Player One

The first teaser trailer of the “Ready Player One” movie was released yesterday, and although I’m looking forward to it, I’ll already admit to being downhearted in lots of ways. While the trailer has lots of things going for it – the obvious quality of the special effects, the music, and so on – it … Continue reading Ready Player One

Work, Money, and Ethics

My parents are by most people’s standards, “independently wealthy”. Our family had a family business when I was growing up – a pretty major quarry that made bricks, slabs, and all sorts of other architectural stone products. Many of the housing developments for the hundred or so miles around Oxford used the stone. I grew … Continue reading Work, Money, and Ethics

Up Periscope

I decided yesterday lunchtime that having the blog name appear in comments in place of my name was ever so slightly ridiculous, so have changed my name in all the relevant places that I could think of to my first name. Of course, having done that it sort of made sense to have a photo … Continue reading Up Periscope